My first day as a student trainee teacher 

My first day as a student trainee teacher 

Hey guys!

Today was my first day at university and the start of my PGCE PCET course. I’m going to talk a little about my routine and how I prepared for the day and then what we actually did in the lesson too.

So the night before I took all my new stationary out, prepped my pencil case and my bag that i was taking with a notebook, pencil case and the book that was on the reading list. I had a shower and went to bed at about 11pm which is late for me!

The morning came, I woke up at half 8, did my makeup and put a dress and boots on, always make a good first impression on the first day and then you can wear whatever you want and look like a tramp I say. I set off from my house at 9am because I wasn’t sure how long it would take, I got to uni just after 9:15am and met one of my classmates there and we went for a coffee before starting. 

The class is quite small, there’s maybe about 20 of us. We sat down and introduced ourselves and then continued with the class, death by PowerPoint is all I can say. There was ALOT of information to go through and we had to sign code of conduct and confidentiality agreements. After that we had a short break, I took crisps because I knew I’d be hungry. 

We got back to class and got yet more information, we then breaker for lunch WHICH I TOOK MY OWN (Em would be proud) I had tuna pasta and resisted the temptation of the jacket potato and chips they did at the cafe. After lunch, we were split into 5 groups, given an extract of a book to read and to think about what it was saying about education and teaching. We then finished half an hour early, we got some homework to do, read the extract again and make some notes on it.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first day! I think my classmates are lovely and I can’t wait to get to know them all better. The course is very full on, she even said we shouldn’t have jobs but I’m going to try and keep mine as long as I can.

I walked home which took about 15 minutes which is great. Got into bed and watched ‘that 70’a show’ which I’m currently obsessed with. I started it about a week ago and I’m on series 3 already. I then fell asleep for two hours which is so unlike me as I never nap during the day and then I woke up hungry so I’m currently making chicken wings and chips.

I have my second day tomorrow 9:30-12 and then I go straight to work 2-6

That’s all for today!




10 thoughts on “My first day as a student trainee teacher 

      1. I was nervous too. Oh that’s so fun to do. You go on for exploring and capturing a lot of beautiful moments. Do you? I was just asking because I wanted to know about your field. That if you are in computer field how the CS is going, Best of luck

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      2. Yes some beautiful moments! It’s a really interesting field, so many components to it too.. I dabble in wedding and portrait photography but also love landscape when I get the chance and the scenery to do it. It’s great to turn a hobby into a career

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      3. I’m a good photographer too but always unappreciated ha ha. The sunset and sunrise, the water fall <3. I'm happy that you turned your hobby into career.

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