My first day of placement

My first day of placement

Hey guys, 

So yesterday was the first day of my teaching placement at Gateshead College and I was extremely nervous! I didn’t know what to wear as my mentor said casual but I wanted to wear smart clothes with high boots so I’d look a little older, as I look about 15 and I’m 21. 

I had to be at placement for half 12, I arrived in Gateshead for 12 and grabbed some lunch at subway before heading down to the college. I met up with my mentor and we talked through what I would be doing in my first session, basically just introducing myself and getting to know the students. 

I had a small group of 12 first year photography students and I was observing the photography teacher Lucie, she was lovely and had a very laid back approach but it was so effective with the small group of students, she could have a laugh with them but still teach them effectively. The students did lots of practical tasks with their cameras, her motto was ‘learn by doing’ which I think is the perfect method for photography, you can stare at a PowerPoint but nothing goes in until you do it yourself. 

I mainly just sat and watched but sometimes I would go around the room and make sure the students were getting on okay with completing the task that Lucie had set. I helped one student who was struggling as they were learning about apertures and Lucie wanted them to take pictures of all the different F stops, it gave me such a sense of accomplishment when I helped the Student and then she completed the task. 

The session was 12:30-4:30 and I thoroughly enjoyed it, the students were quiet but they got on with their work which is any teachers dream. I made notes of the way the teacher was teaching and what I could use myself when it comes to me taking the class. 

Next Wednesday, I’m presenting myself as a photographer and showing the students bits of my work that I’ve done at university and outside. I’m excited to let them get to know me a little bit better as I was just introduced to them as a new member of staff. 

That’s all for now!

I probably won’t be writing about every session, just the ones that inspired me.

Gem x



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