Cinema and dinner date 💕

Cinema and dinner date 💕

Hey guys!

I was meant to write this last Saturday when it actually happened but I just didn’t have the time!

Last Saturday me and Matthew planned to have some lunch and then go see Kingsman : the golden circle. We loved the first film and I love staring at Taron Egerton so it’s a win win.

First, we went to Casa Italia for some lunch, they do a lunch menu that’s two course for £5.99 which I think is super good, especially for us two who are both students. I had bruschetta for starter which is what I always order because I love it so much, then I had lasagna for main, it was okay, wasn’t the best lasagna I’ve tasted but it was nice. 

Matthew opted for potato skins (which I stole) and a pepperoni pizza. He said his was very nice but not as good as our local takeaway when we’re back home. He’s yet to find a pizza that is!

We finished our food and headed to the cinema, we just about caught the 15:15 show as it was still on the trailers. You know what I love about trailers? When you see everyone then to their partner or friend and say “oh we have to go see that” when reality is they probably don’t, I too, do this. I bought a tango ice blast because what is the cinema without one and Matthew opted for a large Pepsi.

Now, let’s talk about the film.. I thought it was great! We actually both agreed it was better than the first one, a lot more action packed and a good story line all throughout the film. What I didn’t like and I love him, was Channing Tatum, he’s American and this is a British film so it was just weird to see him in it alongside Taron. I mean, he’s lovely to watch, but does not belong in the Kingsman! Another weird one, Elton John? What the hell was that! He just kept popping up dressed as a rainbow parrot or something, very odd. So overall, great movie! It’s emotional too, I nearly cried like twice. 

So after the cinema we went to my faaaave place… KASPAS! I have such a sweet tooth and Matthew doesn’t, he was boring and ordered a vanilla milkshake and I ordered THIS

White chocolate indulgence waffle with strawberries, bananas, lots of white chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It’s my favourite thing ever,  I actually ate it all which I was super surprised at!

Have you seen Kingsman?

Let me know below what you think!




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