Roker illuminations 🎡

Roker illuminations 🎡

Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been like almost a week since I posted, I’ve just been so busy with work, uni and placement!

On Thursday night we took a family trip down to roker to see the illuminations, me, my mam, my sister, my niece and Matthew went down to the seafront for the evening.

We arrived at the seafront at around half 5, it was still light by then so we went to the beach where there was fun fair rides and a massive Ferris wheel (more about that later). We walked right past a massive spongebob and hello kitty and my niece Evie got so excited to see them, as soon as we got near them she got scared and went all shy, it was adorable.

We walked further along the seafront, Evie pointed out everything to wanted to go on (which was everything) and she had a go on hook a duck, well I did really because she was too short. She won a little teddy duck and named it quackers. We then got hotdogs and chips and walked further down the seafront to the rest of the rides. There was a massive carrousel which was absolutely beautiful I didn’t go on but Evie did with her mam and she absolutely loved it.

​We then walked to the Ferris wheel, now I was quite nervous about going on it because I wasn’t the best when it came to heights, but Evie has no fear whatsoever and she’s three! So I thought let’s do this. It turned out I absolutely loved it, Matthew was shit scared and jumped everytime there was a sound or Evie jumped up and down (lol)

After all the fun on the rides we walked back to the park to begin the illuminations. They were all so pretty, they were Disney themed which Evie loved and so did I. I think her favourite was the frozen ones and the doctor who one, although she got a fright when the tardis started making sounds.  She got so excited when she seen the dinosaurs as she loves them, so insisted on getting a picture with one.

I bought her little Minnie Mouse ears which everyone but Evie actually wore. £5! So here’s a picture of my mam wearing them instead.

Overall, it was a lovely night and would recommend going to all friends and family and make sure to have doughnuts because they’re the best at a fun fair.

Until next time  (which I promise won’t be as long)




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