Halloween prep 🎃 👻 

Halloween prep 🎃 👻 

Hey guys!

I’ve decided to have a Halloween party this year in my new house. I have a housemate called Jason and he’s a diamond, we get on so well so we’re planning a Halloween house warming party! (2 months after we moved in)

So we went to b&m and Poundland, don’t judge we’re students. We bought loads of decorations: banners, balloons, door covers, lights, garlands and inflatables because what’s a party without a giant ghost inflatable? We also bought a drink dispenser in the shape of an eyeball because we plan to do Halloween cocktails for our guests, aswell as Jell-O shots. 

I also seen on Pinterest filling syringes with shots for the guests which looks awesome so I’m copying. 

It’s a fancy dress party (of course) and I’ve got my costume sorted, decided to go as a broken doll and I bought my costume online which I havnt tried on but I hope it’s nice!

I’m going to go on YouTube and find a makeup tutorial and copy it the best I can, I’m so excited!

I’ll post a picture of the house decorated and do a post about how the party went!




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