Halloween party 

Halloween party 

Hey guys!

So thought I’d give you an update as to how the party went and share some photos too!

I went as a doll, it was supposed to be scary but I ended up looking adorable and I was okay with that. 

It started at 8:30 and no one arrived on time but no one does for parties, so everyone arrived at 9pm a couple people later because of work commitments. 
The music was playing, drinks were flowing and I was forcing my syringe shots down everyone’s throats (you’re welcome) I filled the syringes with cactus jacks fruit salad like 5 times as they kept running out and then resorted to jäger in the shots which I did the majority of them with Beth, we just kept drinking them all.. probably why we were smashed

I had so much fun, dancing, drinking and chatting with my closest friends. 

I also found out that Megs boyfriend has an unhealthy with Ronan Keating too which was AMAZING. So thank you Stephen ✌🏼

Enough talking.. here’s the pictures!

Until next year! 




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