10 things I love about life

10 things I love about life

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, life happened! I’ve been wanting to watch 10 things I hate about you for ages now so thought I’d do a post related to that but what I love! (What I hate to come later)

1) Matthew – My fiancé, he’s supportive, caring and loving. It’s fair to say we’ve definitely had our ups and downs but we’re stronger than ever 🐻

2) Friends – I’m not once of those people who has loads of friends, I have a select few who I know I can rely on for a catch up and a drink and who are there for me no matter what. They know they are 💕

3) Family – My family are everything. My mam is the strongest person I know and she’s had to be for being a single parent and she’s done an amazing job. We aren’t a super close family but I know if I need them they will be there

4) University – I’m loving University at the moment, I enjoyed my undergrad in photography and now I have a career in mind doing my teaching course I am so positive about the future.

5) TV – I am such a couch potato, as I write this I’m currently lying bed at half 3 in the afternoon watching catch up of Eastenders. I can lie in bed and watch tv all day when I’m not working, studying or on placement.

6) My part time job – Lots of people hate retail, I work in Schuh and I love working there, everyone’s so nice and fun to work with. I really enjoy my job

7) Lemon slices – I’m obsessed with those little mr Kipling lemon slices, I buy them every week on my weekly shop. It’s kind of an unhealthy obsession.

8) Ronan Keating – Talking of unhealthy obsessions… I’ve loved him since I was younger in the days of boyzone and I still continue to be a Keating fanatic.

9) Coleslaw – I used to be called the Coleslaw queen in school, I have it with absolutely everything. (Not everything)

10) Independence – I love being my own person, living by myself and making a career and life for myself. I know that when I finish University I’ll be back home until I get a proper career but for now I like having my own independence.

So that’s it!

What’s your 10 things you love?




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